What is an Art? When I finished my graduation in multimedia I was still searching the answer of this question. During my graduation I learnt about shapes, colors, textures, animation and so other things but there was something missing. I didn’t have any idea but there was something. I did multiple jobs in fields of Web and Graphics at about 3 years and all employers were quite satisfied with my work. But I always used to think about something more.

Then one day one of my colleague lend me a novel called “The Da Vinci Code” written by American author, Dan Brown. He said it was so great that I had to read it, and he pressed it into my hands. I was not a good reader but I had heard of this book to death so somehow I decided to read that novel. I attempted to read it once or twice, but couldn’t really get into it. The reason was that the writer used so many historical terms, information about Christianity, symbols, ancient paintings and so on.

And at that time I knew nothing about Louvre, Mona Lisa, Leonardo da Vinci, Christianity, Paris etc. So I decided to read about all these things and places while reading the novel. I had to do a kind of research to fully understand the novel and as I read it forward I engrossed in it.

The novel was so informative and rich in historical terms that I lost in it and when I finished that novel I resurrected as a designer who knew how to appreciate art, knew the great designers & sculptures and their masterpieces, knew about Christianity and so other interesting things. There were so many eye-openers in the book like Jesus had a baby, a woman figure in “The Last Supper“. I never thought of it before.

The novel was so inspiring & pulse racing that I read all the novels of Dan Brown and in all of them I found abode of knowledge. Inspired by these novels I started reading about Art History, History, World Religions, World Geography and other things. I read about artistic eras like – Baroque Art, The Rococo, Neo-classicism, Romanticism, Realism, impressionism, Modernism and so on.

After that I found my experience of looking at paintings and sculpture totally transformed. I became more sensitive and dedicated while creating a design. I found that art is a subjective thing and is not limited to color, shapes and texture. It’s more than that and that’s the reason I wrote this article to aware designers towards Art History, various cultures and civilizations and rise & fall of human life. I think it’s essential to know about ancient art to become a better designer.

This is my first effort in writing and I hope I’ll try to enhance my writing as well as designing skills while educating people.